St Louis Southside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Discipleship Team

Team Leader: Karen Mabe
Co-Leader: Lonesome Tsoka   

      Mission Statement

To assist, help and equip the Southside Church family grow in spiritual maturity leading to a closer relationship with Jesus, which will make an eternal difference.

To assist coordinators, have meaningful and relevant ministries that are intentional by making a concentrated effort to meet the needs of individual believers and seekers.

Increase the number of people active in our church through a spirit of love, acceptance, and forgiveness which permeates the Church.

This is to be accomplished by:
Prayer and seeking the Holy Spirit's guidance
Encourage coordinators to have a specific plan of action
Assisting coordinators to develop effective ministries
Help to identify the needs of their particular ministry
Help coordinators build their team
Obtaining and sharing available resources
Providing assessment and feedback tools
Providing appropriate training if needed
Encouragement of communication between ministries 
and how the ministry relates to the total Church strategy of Evangelism.