St Louis Southside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Service Ministry

    Coordinator: Grace Tsoka

Team Members: Josephine Williams, Lonesome Tsoka

Mission Statement

To improve Health, Social and Economical Wellbeing as well as to respond to disasters (such as fireds, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes). Response will also include attending to emotional and spiritual needs of persons responding to traumatic stress.

Health Activities: 
Goals of the Health Activities are
* to disseminate information and resources (such as catalogs)
* setting aside at least three important annual health promotion days. Which may include: Health Emphasis Sabbath (February), 
Let's Move Day (September), and Health Education Emphasis Week (October), and National World Health Days

Natural Remedies & Cooking: 
The goals of Remedies & Cooking are to present demonstrations for:
* Natural Remedies
* Vegetarian/vegan cooking classes & seminars

Service Team: 
The goals of the Service Team are:
* to discover the needs of the community, in order to mobilize a response from the Church
* Mentoring & Tutoring, Crisis Care, Elder Care, & Youth Empowerment

ACS Team:
This team will partner with the Adventist Community Service Center to support the needs of the community.