St Louis Southside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Worship Ministry
Coordinator: Fred Nyanzi

Team Members: 

Worship Team, A/V & Children's Corner Lead
- Jimmy Dapog
Sanctuary Decor Team Lead - Jane Jurotich
Music/Praise Team Lead - Ruth Smith
Welcoming Team Co-Lead - Jane Leith
Ushers Team Lead - Mike Styers
Prayer Warriors Lead - Bill Carron

Mission Statement:
Our Mission as the Worship Ministry at Saint Louis Southside Seventh-Day Adventist Church is to create an atmosphere where worshipers are lead in an intimate worship of the Almighty God.

Welcoming Team
The Goal of the Welcoming Team is to extend to all regular and guest worshippers, who enter God's house of worship, a warm welcome by demonstrating Christian warmth, love and comfort through our attitude and actions.

Music/Praise Team
The Goal of the Music/Praise Team is to assist worshippers to focuse their thoughts and mind upon God, through music, as they prepare their hearts to be ministered from the Word of God

Ushers Team
The Goal of the Ushers Team is to facilitate a worship atmosphere that is free from as many distractions as possible and by attending to the needs of worshippers during worship

Worship Team
The Goal of the Worship Team is to create an atmosphere where God is exalted and encountered  in all worship activities

Sanctuary Decor Team
The Goal of the Sanctuary Decor Team is to create a warm, inviting and welcoming Church atmosphere for all worshippers thus providing a pleasant worship environment

Prayer Warriors Team
The Goal of the Prayer Warriors Team is to consistently and fervently pray on behalf of and for members and guest worshippers