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Fellowship Ministry
Ministry Coordinator: Karen Mabe

Mission Statement 

To draw family, friends & guests of Southside Church into a closer relationship with our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ by creating an atmosphere of love and acceptance which leads to a climate of warmth and joy through fellowship.

Accomplished through the following: ​​

* Prayer Fellowship - Team Leader & Schedule TBA
Provide Prayer opportunities to encourage intercessory prayer

* The Blessing Tree 
Gives people an opportunity to share positive things that are happening in their lives. Some people are uncomfortable sharing verbally. This will provide a venue for people to be engaged in sharing received blessings and to encourage each other. Blessing Tree is posted on the Bulletin Board

* Sabbath Fellowship Meals 
They are held after Worship Service. Team Leader: Triphie Rhodes, with the help of Church Volunteers

Monthly Birthday Acknowledgements
The 3rd Sabbath of the Month, birthdays of that month are acknowledged during the Fellowship Meal. 
Team Leader: Valerie Davis

Special Event Fellowship
Team Leader:  Karen Mabe, with the help of Church Volunteers

"W.O.W" Women of the Word
We meet montly to encourage & equip women by sharing & modeling the love of Jesus to all women groups in a safe & nurturing environment. Engage women to volunteer in community outreach program for abuse women & children. 
Team Leader: Marquita Klinedinst, Team Members: Valerie Davis, Karen Mabe, Norah Nyanzi

Sisters are Special 
To develop friendships among the owmen of Church by praying for them, giving notes or cards of encouragement, remembering special events in their lives. 
Co-Leaders: Karen Mabe & Constance Radin

* Family & Church Fellowship Gatherings
To provide fellowhsip activities to promote closer relationships within our Church Family, vespers, outings, picnics, etc. 
Team Leaders: Tim & Mona Pestka